We are the church who is called to seek out, to share, to disciple, and to win the world to Jesus Christ
First Southern Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What you need to Know

Our daily camp experience includes Bible class times along with prayer times and nightly devotions.  Campers will also gain a closer walk with the Lord during our nightly worship and song services. They may also gain accountability partners to help them in their relationship with Christ. Campers will also enlarge their church family by meeting new teens from different churches from across the state.

During free time campers will have access to majestic hiking trails, and breathtaking waterfalls. They will enjoy hiking to the bottom of the Cable Trail where they will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim in the refreshing water flowing from the above Cascades. If campers are brave and longing for a new experience a caving expedition led by experienced park rangers may be up their alley.

Do not forget the stunning lake in which campers may enjoy paddle boating with a group of friends. Campers may also enjoy canoeing or kayaking. Swimming is also available to every camper. The Fall Creek Falls pool is fully staffed with certified lifeguards who are there for the safety of all. The pool offers a refreshing reprieve from the sun on the warm summer days.


All activities with exception of hiking, and swimming are at expense of the camper.


This is a Christian summer camp and music played at camp is limited to Christian music. Volumes must be kept to a moderate level and are to be silenced during "lights out" time.

Personal Vehicles: 

No cars/trucks are allowed at camp without the prior approval of the camp committee. We ask that parents create a written request in these instances. 

Cell phones: 

Cell phone use at camp is limited. Phones are prohibited at devotions, Bible study, class time, and evening service. However, campers may use them during afternoon free time and in their cabins in the evenings. Leaders reserve the right to confiscate any cell phone used improperly and return to the camper prior to their departure from camp any cell phone used improperly and return it prior to the camper going home. 


Campers may choose to bring money as some of the activities such as boating, canoeing, kayaking, golf, and riding stables, and caving cost extra. Each activity is very reasonably priced.